We're here to make your days that much sweeter. 

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We’re so excited to tell you about our sweet treat journey!

Growing up, the kitchen is where most of our time was spent. It all started with “Rachael, of course you can help darling”. Mom’s homemade peanut buttery chocolate and powdered sugary treats were her specialty. We called it puppy chow (humans only of course)! Friends over? Sure, let’s feed them!

Fast-forward to my college days when Mom would send care packages containing Essie Nail Polish, fuzzy socks and, most importantly, a jar filled with a taste from home – puppy chow, always with a Mom-like note attached. After school breaks, I would head back to college not only with clean laundry but also with many jars of puppy chow as requests poured in from friends.

2 careers and 2 overpriced NYC apartments later, the increasing demand for Mom’s drool-worthy sweet treat continued. But never did I think the opportunity to share our puppy chow would come so sudden. 

In the early months of 2020, the world devastatingly shaken up. Just as so many others, I was furloughed and eventually my position which I worked so hard to earn, was eliminated. I was heartbroken, confused and felt the pressure of not knowing what to do next.

I had to move out of my apartment, back into my childhood home, and leave all that I knew behind. I found myself back in the kitchen, with Mom. With mixing spoons in hand, our “aha” moment came to us … if there was ever a time to sell this - the time was now. 

Our days then became filled with sourcing what is now our amazing packaging, designing our signature hot pink logo and website and lucky for the rest of the family lots of taste testing.

We welcome you with open arms and appreciate your support as this family-run business continues to grow.

Just as with those notes from long ago, always with the sign off…

Love, Mom 


Our Treat

We are passionate about our homemade recipes filling each individual jar with quality ingredients. 

From rich chocolate to creamy peanut-butter, powdered sugar or cookie crumbs, our mouth-watering treats are here to stay.

We make gifting oh-so-easy! All of our products can be personalized with your special gift message and our packaging is sure to please. Don't forget to keep the jar, it's reusable and a nice addition to any kitchen.

Share with your friends and family, they will love you! But honey, don’t forget about yourself, go ahead and order one.

Our Mission

Cue the sappy Mom saying – “sharing is caring”. It is our joy to know that our delicious products and love of homemade creations can bring a smile to someones face. 

As a mother-daughter run business the importance of family is woven into each and every bite.

We can't wait for you to treat yourself as well as someone else.

Pam + Rachael
Mother & Daughter Founders