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ABC News' Good Morning America I took a risk. And I tried to make the best out of a horrible situation. And I’m just so happy with what Love, Mom is today. And I hope moving forward, people notice the brand and they love it and they allow themselves to treat themselves or someone else”.  

 The U.S. Is Experiencing A Microbusiness Renaissance. Here’s What It Looks Like.
“The urge to create something that brings you joy or joy to others has never been stronger. I always had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur—it was always a deeply rooted spirit I was never able to tap into, and now gratefully here I am.” —Rachael Korman, co-founder and CEO of Love, Mom (FORBES)

Why You Should Love Love, Mom: the Newest Food Trend You Must Have
"2020 sure has been a crazy year, so let Love, Mom uplift your spirits and your tastebuds. With cute pink packaging, reusable jars, and free shipping, puppy chow from Love, Mom's the perfect gift. Each flavor has that melt-in-your-mouth quality that is seriously addicting. Trust me, your friends currently in quarantine with you will thank you."

What I’m Currently Loving 
Gifts For Mom That Remind Her Why You're the Favorite

Think Pink And Support Breast Cancer Awareness With Love, Mom Treats!
"The Celebrate Everything is a wonderful gift to celebrate any occasion. The canister comes with a beautiful ribbon with an attached card ... This card made me laugh out-loud and immediately reminded me of a memory when my then 11yr old friend's son randomly told me me that I needed to stop dancing on table-tops. He is now in his early 20's and we still laugh about this moment! ... I absolutely love peanut butter and loved this mix, as well as a friend who had the chance to try some too!"

These flavored jars of snack goodness are called "Moms" to remind us of the joy that the special someone, whether its Mom, or someone else, can bring to our lives. I must admit- I've never been a gingerbread fan, but the sweetness combined with the classic spices of nutmeg, molasses, and cinnamon definitely reminded me of traditions and memories passed with my own grandmother. 


Long Island Mother and Daughter Start a Quarantine Business Selling Puppy Chow
The puppy chow college care package was such a hit that Rachael’s friends joked that the two should “bottle it up and sell it,” which, after much experimenting and playing in the kitchen, is what they did.